I Will Set You Free.

The big black bird lay miserably in its cage. Legs tethered to the cold cruel standing post, such that even within the confinements of its cage, it was unable to feel freedom. It cawed miserably into the darkness, a lone solitary cry, heard by no one. 

It’s horrible, how societal pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure can all force us to do things that do not make us happy. If our parents are the epitome of undying and unrequited love, it is extremely ironic that they try to take away the ultimate goal in life, our happiness. They fail to understand that the best choices are the ones we make ourselves even if its not the right choice, because to achieve happiness from the life choices of another person will never truly make one happy. Horrible peers, who claim to care for you, but then turn their back on us if we go against what they deem is acceptable. Not knowing that the ultimate sign of care is respecting their friend’s decision and supporting them no matter what. Society, who rudely claims that anyone who does not follow its norm will be mocked and scorned by the rest of mankind.

I hate all of that. And so I promise you, I will free you from the very chains that bind you. The people who try to control you, dictate who to be and how to act. I will turn all of it into ashes. After all, you did say I was the one good thing that makes you happy. I can’t standby and watch you accept that your life is meant to be unhappy.

I’ve been through so many bad experiences, I’ve learnt to be emotionally unattached. To do bad things and not feel bad. I picked up the art of persuasion, to make people do things they would otherwise never do. I learnt how my words can control people, invoke reactions just as I use the words on my blog to invoke emotion. I even know a plethora of ways to really physically hurt a person, a tribute to my time in the army as a close combat instructor.

So in the chaos that is this piece of writing, know that I will make it happen. One way or another. I will make you smile freely again, even if it means you’ll have to cry first. Sometimes, you just can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. And I will destroy the whole damn chicken farm if I have to.

And sometime in the not so distant future, the raven will spread its wings. Eyes glinting from the reflection of the sun, it will cackle happily to itself. And then it will soar. Into the blissful freedom of the skies.


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