The shark glided effortlessly through the water, a tiny figure in the seemingly vast and never ending ocean. As it swam, it was constantly alert. On the watch for prey. Oh how weak and fragile everything else seemed to it. The shark was the king of the sea, and everything else feared it. Yet, such a position never guarantees happiness. You see, the very same drive to satisfy an insatiable appetite that made it so renowned also cursed the shark. To hunt and hunt and hunt, but never really catch anything. To eat and eat and eat, but never really feel full. Sometimes, the shark just wanted to take a break. Just stop and enjoy everything else the ocean has to offer. But it couldn’t. To stop swimming is to embrace death for a shark, it would stop receiving oxygen and slowly but surely start to sink into the abyss below. This shark was not ready to die. 

So it swam.

I can still remember the very first time I laid eyes on you. I just finished buying a late Christmas present for my best friend at Ion. The subconscious eye contact. And my conscious decision to say hi. (Friend, if you’re ever reading this, thanks for going to the toilet for such a long time when I brought you guys to get a cup of coffee. Best wing woman ever.) It felt like every girl I ever hit on was for that moment, the perfect first impression.

I still remember our very first date. I’m always teasing you about it. About how nervous you were, and how flustered I made you throughout. But to be honest, I was pretty nervous too. And it felt like every date I ever went on was for that moment. The perfect first date.

Most people believe that the shark is a solitary animal. Living alone as it hunts relentlessly for its next meal. They could not be more wrong. On the contrary, most types of sharks are immensely complex creatures with equally complex social structures. This shark was no exception. But the ocean is a scary and cruel place. One wrong move, and you find yourself at the bottom of the food chain.

So it isolated itself.

I remember how you made me trust you. Open my heart to loving once again. Every minute with you was a minute too little. Every minute apart was a minute too much.

The journey wasn’t easy and the journey is far from over. But as much as “the course of true love never did run smooth”, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

To be with you.

It’s all worth it.

The shark continued on its fruitless mission to end its hunger. Fish after fish after fish. Eventually it realized that there was no end to this insane cycle of searching, chasing, eating and then searching all over again. It stopped swimming. Stopped receiving oxygen.

And so it fell.

For you.



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