Leap of Faith.

The man stood in front of the mirror. Body upright, chest puffed out. Head slightly tilted backwards. Just as he was taught. The man took a minute to admire the well built, charming figure in front of him. His eyes traced the contours on his body, like an artist admiring his masterpiece. Finally, with a cocky smile and a wink, he put on his T-shirt and made his way to the balcony of his penthouse.

Most men today are ruled by their fears in some form or another. Fear of losing their girlfriend leads to obsessive possessiveness, fear of being put down leads to talking bigger than they should and so on and so forth. If there was two ways to get around a problem, they would opt for the safe route. This man, despite all his outward display of confidence, was no different.

But not today. Today, fear would fear the man. The man slowly but confidently climbed over the railing and propped himself down onto the ledge. A rush of excitement coursed through his body as he realized that there was almost nothing separating him from a horrible death. He lit a cigarette and pulled out his mobile phone. He opened a list of contacts. A sea of numbers from girls that had crossed paths with him. As he smoked, he scrolled down the rather long list, trying to remember all the people on it. The girl with the pink umbrella and long, curly hair. The girl with the bright red heels and deep green eyes. The one night stand. The friend with benefit. The date gone terribly wrong.

His thumb stopped at a particular contact. This girl was special. For the first time in a long while, he wanted something from her. Something… more. The fear he was trying to conquer started to creep into his system again. To put his heart on the line, no back up plans whatsoever. The thought was extremely daunting. But he already came all this way. He would not succumb to fear now.

The man stood up. He took a long drag of the cigarette. A picture came to his mind, something to look forward to.

He exhaled.

And then,

he jumped.

P.S. Unlike the last one, this story actually has a meaning. Go figure :p


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