I went to TKD training for the first time in a long while yesterday. After a long hiatus due to breaking my collarbone, getting shingles and army commitments, I thought I could finally start training regularly again. Guess what happened the next day? I fell sick. Not the typical “chao keng” type of sickness that seems to mysteriously plague NSFs at seemingly convenient times but the I-tried-to-go-to-army-but-ended-up-dying-and-falling-asleep-the-whole-day kind.

And so I got 13 hours of sleep today. Not bad for an insomniac huh? I just finished reading ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ and am currently waiting for the movie to finish downloading. It’s an amazing book by the way. So here I am writing, as I usually do when I’m bored and have nothing to do. I know the frequency of my updates is a little bit lackluster but hey, quality over quantity.

While fooling around on the computer today, I stumbled across a whole load of past conversations from the now defunct MSN messenger. I found some pretty hilarious stuff! Check out this poem I came up with and shared with one of my close girl friends (fana, this is you if you remember) as we were discussing how to ask a certain girl to be my girlfriend.

So many girls in the world, yet I found you.

Will you look back to this point, as the start of it all?

You are beautiful, a goddess, perfect, divine.

Please give me a chance, to make your every dream come true.

Be it your endearing smile, or angelic voice, there’s something about you I just can’t resist.

My heart aches to be with you, I know that you’re the one.

Girlfriend? To you, that’s 10 letters. To me, it means the world.

It seems pretty ordinary, until you read the first word of every line. I know. I even surprised myself with this one.

I carried on scrolling through all my conversations before moving on to Facebook messages. It was then that I came to a sad realization that I had a lot of great conversations with people I do not even contact anymore. It was pretty nostalgic, seeing all the witty exchanges and the jokes we shared, knowing it’s been replaced by nothing but silence. I remember sitting down on the computer after training everyday and doing nothing but talk to a lot of people at once on MSN messenger. It was one of the highlights of my mundane life.

I meet tons of new people on a daily basis. Now, its time to try and recontact my old friends and acquaintances! So this is what is going to happen, I will message each and every one of you guys on Facebook and we’ll see if we click as well as we used to. Look forward to it.

Finally, these are my new year resolutions for 2014. Oh how time flies.

1) Cherish the people that are in my life, more than I already do.

2) Make the most out of my army.

3) Get to know more people.

4) Go back to training and not get any serious injuries this year.

5) Continue to grow as a person

Till next time,



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