There’s a reason for everything.

Why are some children born and raised eating spoonfuls of caviar and organic oats while some are lucky to get even a measly scrap of bread? Why do so many good people die way before their time while the ones that deserve to rot, live to see their children grow old?

I had a classmate in sec 3. We were pretty close, I’d tease him everyday about this girl named Hannah and we would sometimes fight in the back of the class. Although the picture of him getting wedgied by all of us would probably suggest otherwise, he was well loved by his classmates. Heck, I even followed him to judo training once, out of pure youthful enthusiasm.

His name was Ser Yung, and before the end of the year, tragedy struck. He was taken down by an illegal move during a judo competition which put him in a coma. I rushed down to the hospital as soon as I heard the news. There, I met his parents, who were the nicest bunch of folks a kid could have. Imagine their worried looks as the doctor explained that there would be a need for brain surgery. The well raised, friendly and peace loving guy I once knew had his life turned upside down. No more judo, a need to repeat the school year with a new bunch of classmates and many more severe repercussions that I really need not get into.

I’ll come back to Ser Yung later. Since this is my blog, I’m sure it’d be pretty weird not to talk about myself.

I don’t mean to brag, but everyone tells me I’m pretty darn talented. I won’t dispute that. However, I had this major issue of interacting with people. I could honestly say that up to about sec 3/4, I had 0 social skills whatsoever. I was childish, immature, selfish and a whole plethora of other undesirable traits. I was kinda fine with this, but for one little problem. I had no success with girls whatsoever. I can think of like 3-4 crushes I had when I was younger and each of those ‘relationships’ failed oh so miserably. Towards the end of secondary 4 though, I discovered the secret online world of pickup, which is pretty much where all the social losers like myself gathered to discuss girls and how to attract them (I think I literally googled “how to get a girl to like you” or something like that)

JC1 was crazy. Coming from an all boy’s school, I was ecstatic to finally be able to do the stuff I’ve religiously read about for months. I think I had like a few flings and one or two ‘serious’ relationships which actually only lasted a month or two. Soon, I was labelled as a ‘player’ and hated by pretty much all the girls that I wasn’t dating. But it wasn’t like I was breaking hearts because I was a heartless asshole, I actually have a really good memory and I remember almost everything they’ve ever said to me. (Just in case any of you are reading this: Thing’s like “I feel like I’m on the outside looking in”/”You’re not the prince charming that I expected,but it’s very close”/”I really hope this lasts, its special” all the late night walks, or crazy adventures) It’s not that I didn’t have feelings for them, I did, it just…didn’t last.

Then I met her, the girl that would make me stop playing games. The girl who I didn’t have to neg, iv, dhv, dlv, nlp or any of the other pickup terminology I soon realized was pretty pointless. The girl I could just be completely myself, and she loved that. I fell in love. She would get so upset when I so much as talked to another girl that I kinda just stopped talking to other girls altogether.

Nearing 2 years into the relationship though, she cheated on me. I really had the shock of my life. After finally understanding the importance of fidelity, life threw a curve ball at me and all the values I gained flew out the window in a blurring mess.

The incident with Ser Yung, as well as what happened to myself, it really made me question the sanity of the world. Why does tragedy strike when it does? What is the purpose of a tragedy? Why are we even born, to live such a happy life and then have it all cruelly taken away from us in one form or another?

Well, Ser Yung, he actually became one of the most inspirational people I know. Instead of wallowing in his misfortune (although I’m sure he did at one point or another), he grew to become something even more beautiful. He would constantly cheer his friends up and show care and concern for others. On his Facebook, he would constantly write about real life situations, urging people to be more gracious and kind and thanking strangers who shown him kindness. He is living proof that there is a reason for all of us to live. Just the other day he sent me this text: “Hey Vincent:) stay strong k!” when I really needed it, which made my day.  I am sure he does this for everyone around him which makes the small seemingly simple act even more amazing.

Me, I couldn’t possibly be happier. I have met the most amazing group of people ever (Moses, Zach, Dennis, Marcus, Govind, Fae and Joy I’m talking about you guys, if you’re reading this!) and it’s always so fun whenever we hang! I was actually in a really dark place till we met. My whole world was completely changed by meeting these guys whom I never would have met, if I hadn’t delved back into the art of picking up girls on the street or social sky diving as we like to call it.

My point is simple, we all have our problems. We all have our reasons to give up. But one day, we’ll realize that there’s a reason for everything and that reason will define us, make us who we are.

Here’s a quote to wrap things up:

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born… and the day you find out why.

Sayonara folks.

P.S. 24th December, we’ll be walking around orchard road with mistletoe, bring your date if you want an excuse to get things rolling;)

Also, be sure to check out my latest piano cover. It probably isn’t perfect, since I don’t have any notes. I kinda just listen to the song, that add my own style into it when I play it. But hey, points for effort no?


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