Managing expectations.

He was an ordinary computer technician. Slightly overweight, with thick framed glasses and a mop of hair on his head. His otherwise handsome face was marred with imperfections, such as the acne scars from his adolescent days. Shoulders shrugged and constantly looking down on the floor, nobody would look twice at him as he passed them by. There were millions like him, ordinary and plain.

She was a svelte, gorgeous blonde. Between the curvy figure that attracted the gaze of many men and the overwhelming, piercing blue eyes that left many mesmerized, she had no lack of attention. Even from early high school days, when her hips started to fill and her shirt began to grow tighter in the chest area, boys would constantly hit on her, fighting for her attention. Girls would call her names and spread rumours about her, their actions stemming from a well-hidden, justified sense of jealousy and bitterness.

One day a computer broke, and their paths crossed. A story began.

He asked her out for dinner.

She gave in to stop his incessant begging.

He felt happy she even entertained him.

She found someone to confide in.

In the months that ensued, he would meet with her and listen to all her problems. With her family, her friends, her ex boyfriends. He would grin helplessly as she spoke, watching as the wind gently blew a single strand of hair across her forehead, admiring her beauty. He provided the shoulder to lean on when she was tired, his shirt to wipe her tears with. He bought her the luxurious chocolates that would make her smile when she was having a horrible day. Her bedside window was adorned with his flowers. Sometimes, they would lie on her backyard garden together and just silently stare at the beautiful stars above, not saying a word, yet sharing the world. He would relish every minute with her and she would thank him deeply for his presence.

Yet, when he asked her to be his, she refused. She wanted someone better looking, someone with more wealth. She imagined her ideal man with more status, more well built. Of all the feelings she had for him, attraction was not one of them.

And then, he was gone. The unfortunate result of a man who had too much to drink and his car.

As the weeks without him grew, she realized how much she needed him. How much she had taken him for granted. How big his actions were, and how little she reciprocated.

But the man was happy in heaven. Despite the rejection, he was happy to have been able to be a part of her life. To know details about her that none of the men chasing her knew. To have spent time with her, time that every other man competed for.

Expect everything, and anything seems nothing.

Expect nothing, and anything seems everything.

P.S: Don’t worry guys, I haven’t been friend zoned recently or anything HAHA. Just really bored on a Saturday night 🙂


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